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PVE 50PR with PVE 6NL on a prestigious project in Baltimore

SPE has been utilizing a new PVE 50PR on a prestigious project in Baltimore (MD)
The project was located in an old industrial district that is being revitalized. The soil strata’s varied from ruble, old building material, soft clays, fine sands and very hard clays.
PVE 50PR with PVE 4/6NL driving piles

The project consisted of 35’long, 12” square concrete piles for the 93 and 123 ton compression pile. A steel H pile weighing 63 lbs. to the ft. was selected for the 123 ton compression and tension pile. The PVE 50PR piling rig and PVE 6NL hydraulic hammer performed with a degree of efficiency that the project geotechnical engineer had not experienced. The hammer stroke can be controlled in detail which optimizes the driving in different strata. The site conditions were also hampered with working around 5 other traded all vying for the same area. The compact size of the PVE 50PR, allowed the rig to maneuver into areas conventional equipment would be prohibitive. The PVE 6NL hammer installed the 35’ , 12” precast pile running at 13,000 ft. lbs. and at a 100 blows per minute which is much quicker than a traditional diesel hammer would do. Because of tension requirement a number of steel H pile were driven on the initial drive to 770 kips with an energy of 30, 000 ft. lbs. per PDA testing. According to the customer.
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