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Driving piles on an island

PVE 7NL running of an ICE 600 powerpack by just a flick of the switch. U.C.P.S, decided to multiuse its powerpack by investing in a brand new impact hammer. The latest software makes it very easy to switch from vibratory hammer to impact hammer. The powerpack will automatically adjust all the settings so optimal driving performance is guaranteed.

The project in hands of United Concrete Products Seychelles (U.C.P.S) consists over 450 pre-stressed concrete piles in various sizes. Ranging from 35 x 35cm up to 55 x 55cm (20-30m)this combination of PVE 7NL and Hitachi KH-180 needs to drive serious piles. The freshly driven piles will be used as a foundation for a new tuna factory in the island of Mahé, in the Seychelles.

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